STEP ONE:  Select Your Desired Program Title

STEP TWO:  Choose a Date and Time

STEP THREE:  Contact Dramatic Difference Ministries

Select Your Desired Program Title

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Visit our Programs Page.  Review the titles for Dramatic Presentations, variety shows, Bible messages with drama and mini-concerts, Bible conference themes and drama training seminars.  Our feature length stage plays are designed for Sunday morning church services, as well as Sunday evening and mid-week special events.  What are you looking to book?

      • A Sunday morning Worship Service
      • A Sunday evening Special Outreach Event
      • An Inter-Church Community Event
      • Pulpit Supply while your pastor is away
      • A Banquet or Dessert Theater Event
      • Entertainment during an Annual Community Festival
      • A Bible Conference
      • A Family Camp  

Also, you might want to consider Seasonal Suggestions.

Choose a Date and Time

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The sooner, the better!   We are available to serve churches during the week, as well as on Sunday mornings and evenings.  Holidays book very fast, and usually way in advance.   But remember this:  Our dramas are all designed for year-round performance.  

Seasonal Suggestions here!

We are convinced that, with prayer and careful planning, some wonderful things could be accomplished during the less popular seasons, including holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day, the month of January, and the summer months ranging from mid-July the the end of August.   Please don't hesitate to contact us for some creative "outside-of-the-box" ideas.

 Contact Our Office

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Once you have decided on a date and time, Contact Us by telephone, or email to vairify that your desired date and time are available.  You might have an alternative date in mind when you call.

We are willing to mark a date as "Tentative" if you need to meet with your team to ratify our agreement.  If another group requests the same date, you will be given first option to make your booking Firm, or to relinquish the date to another organization.

When you Contact Us for a booking (firm or tentative), you should be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Desired Program Title
  • Date and Time Requested
  • Organization's Email Address [We do all booking preparations by email.]
  • Event Location, if Different from the Mailing Address
  • Name and Phone Number of Primary Contact Person
  • Name and Phone Number of Alternate Contact Person
  • Anticipated Financial Arrangements
  • Nature of Event   [Sunday Worship, Community Outreach, Dinner/Dessert Theater, Inter-Church Event]

    We will also need to discuss the following questions...
  • Other performers needed  [if any]
  • Setup crew   [3-4 able-bodied workers to help unload sets, props and equipment]
  • Audio and Lighting Support Technicians   [if needed]
  • Power requirements  [most programs require 4 to 5 20-amp 120vac power outlets]
  • Regular Sunday Attendance and Anticipated Attendance for this event

"When-In-Town List"

Would you like to be notified when we are scheduled to be in your area?  We encourage you to join our WIT (when-n-town) LIST by sending an email request to receive our newsletter, Dramatic News! Online --

You will receive an email notice when we are scheduled to be in your area and which drama we will be bringing.  That way you can book an alternate time for a performance in your church.  Remember, we can perform on a Sunday morning, strike the set, travel about 30 minutes, set up at your church and be back on stage by 6:00 pm.