We may be more affordable than you imagine.

These financial arrangements represent what is needed to support this ministry and the individuals who come to serve your people.  However, if your church, or organization is struggling financially, please do not hesitate to call on us.  We will do everything we can to work out an arrangement which will enable us to serve you.   So, let's trust God together!


  • Freewill Offering:  DDM is supported by freewill offerings collected at the conclusion of each presentation, the entire amount to go to DDM, Inc.  (See SPECIAL NOTE below.)    When multiple programs are booked by the same organization, on the same day or weekend, this basic policy applies to each presentation.
  • Church leaders often inquire as to an appropriate amount for a freewill offering.  Although we do not use the phrase "guaranteed minimum," our Board of Directors has directed us to establish a schedule of "Target Amounts." taking into account anticipated audience , the local economy, and the general operating expenses of Dramatic Difference Ministries, Inc.

  • Mileage:  In addition to the freewill offering, we need help with round-trip mileage.  The size vehicle needed for our team and to pull our 12’ cargo trailer is costly.  In some cases, two round trips may be necessary; one for set-up and rehearsal, and the other for the performance itself.   Mileage is usually based on the current IRS Standard Mileage Rate.  Where a single trip involves two or more venues, mileage costs can be shared between organizations.

  • Display Table:  Our Board of Directors has encouraged us to place Patron Packages on our literature table, offering people an opportunity to join our monthly support team.  At the curtain call we always stress the importance of supporting the local church first. 


  • There are several specific occasions where churches prefer not to collect a freewill offering -- for example, the nature of the audience in an evangelistic event, a dinner theater where tickets are sold, or a weekend retreat where our program is factored into the price of the conference. Please contact our office to discuss alternatives to the freewill offering.
  • To reach a larger number of people for Christ and to meet the financial needs of this ministry, churches often book an "Encore" presentation for Sunday evening, inviting other area churches to an Inter-Church event.  We will do our part to promote such community-wide events.
  • Another option is to work with our team to help secure additional bookings with other churches while in your area.  We can perform on a Sunday morning, strike the set, travel about a 30-minute distance and be back on stage for an evening performance.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Most churches collect two offerings at Sunday morning perform-ances.  The first offering is collected early in the program for the church’s general budget.  The second is collected at the close of our performance for DDM, Inc.  It is important that the audience be made aware of the specific nature of each offering.

At the time the DDM offering is collected, we request the audience be made aware that this is a full-time ministry.  We depend on the support of the Christian community to make this ministry possible.  How leaders represent Dramatic Difference Ministries at the time of the freewill offering will make a tremendous difference in helping God's people understand the nature of our commitment and the needs of this ministry.   Checks made payable to DDM are tax deductible.

We encourage you to contact our office to discuss any questions you may have.

Office:  503-606-4420        Mobile:  503-510-7567


 Policy subject to change without notice. Contact DDM, Inc. for latest revision.