As you review the Seasonal Suggestions below, please remember this:


After all, drama is not just for Christmas and Easter any more!   Our programs are available in multiple versions -- Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and All-Season. 

JANUARY:   After a busy holiday season many churches hesitate to book programs in January, fearing their leaders are burned out and need a rest.  But that's just one good reason why you might consider booking one of our plays for January.  We do most of the work for you, so your pastor and church members can take a break.   The following programs encourage a positive outlood for the New Year.

He Makes Me Laugh
Simeon Says
The Price of a Haircut
So, You're Paul

FEBRUARY:  A season for romance!    A time for Sweetheart Banquets and Valentine Dessert Theaters.   We have several programs ideal for such events. 

He Makes Me Laugh can be given a special sweetheart "spin."   

We also offer several variety shows such as When Love Comes Home, This Could Be You (entertaining for all ages) and  I Love You and I Like You! 

MARCH and APRIL:  A season to focus on the passion of Christ and the hope of the resurrection. These two months include Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday (Easter).    We offer four dramatic events throughout the months of March and April that focus on the resurrection of Christ from dead and the blessed hope we have through personal faith in Him.

Beyond the Passion
So, You're Paul
Simeon Says

King of Glory   

MAY and JUNE:   Tthese two months include Mother's Day and Father's Day.  We are available to present dramas and variety shows at special events like dinner and dessert theaters, as well as Sunday morning and evening community outreach events. 

He Makes Me Laugh  for Mothers Day
Legacy of a Faithful Father for Father's Day version

JULY and AUGUST:    These two months are well known for vacations and distractions, causing serious impact on local church attendance.   But it can also be a season to attract the community into church to see a colorful stage play, especially when several area churches work together to promote an inter-church event.   Will your pastor be away on vacation?   We are available to "fill in" while he is away, either with one of our feature drama presentations, or with a Sermon-Drama Hybrid.  

Don't just fill the pulpit -- Fill the Platform!

SUMMER is also a season for Youth Camps, Family Camps and Bible Conferences.   We offer several 3-4 day Bible sessions, backed by dramatic vignettes, variety shows, a talent show (involving campers), concerts, and usually culminating in a Feature Drama.  Conference titles include Preparing to Meet the Lord,  Knowing God,  and a series of carefully selected Sermon-Drama Hybrids..    During family camps we have also presented special elective workshops on various aspects of theater, entitled Changing Lives through Drama.

SEPTEMBER:  The vacation season is over.  Any of our colorful dramatic Programs can be used by God to attract  summer wanderers back to a Fall Round-Up event -- And possibly a host of "new faces."   Backed by the prayers of God’s people, our posters and flyers, strategically  placed around the community, often result in record-setting crowds.   Suggested plays:  He Makes Me Laugh, Sunrise!, and Beyond the Passion.

OCTOBER:  A great month for community outreach events.   Suggested plays: He Makes Me Laugh, King of Glory, and Sunrise!  Although evangelical churches do not celebrate Halloween as a holiday, Beyond the Passion can be produced as Midnight in a Graveyard, a positive alternative for October harvest festivals.  With its opening scene in a foggy, moonlit graveyard, this two-act play has special appeal to youth (and to all ages for that matter), as the bright hope of the resurrection pierces the darkness which permeates most Halloween events

NOVEMBER: He Makes Me Laugh  is an ideal play for the Thanksgiving Season, as viewers are encouraged to thank God for all He has done, and for what He will yet do.  We are also available for mid-week and weekend Thanksgiving Dinner Theaters during the month of November. 

DECEMBER:  We have three programs especially suited to the Christmas Season, A Shepherd’s Christmas, Sunrise!  and Simeon Says.  We are also available for mid-week presentations throughout the month of December, including holiday banquets, desert theaters, and inter-church events.  These programs are filled with festive holiday music, along with a heart-stirring message which of hope and peace.

NEW YEARS EVE:  Is your church planning a New Years Eve Celebration for December 31st?  Many churches host events ranging from three to five hours long (7:00 pm to Midnight), with a variety of activities including munchies, games, worship and legal fireworks at the stoke of midnight.  Why not include an entertaining drama, with a life-changing message from God's Word?  Plays like He Makes Me Laugh, Sunrise!, So, You're Paul and  Simeon Says can be given a special New Year's Eve emphasis, offering hope and a sense of destiny as the new year approaches.   

Are you planning to celebrate New Years Eve till the stroke of midnight?  Our Variety Show This Could Be You! is also ideal for such occasions.   Filled with music, comedy sketches, dramatic stylings, clown acts, mime, improv and inspirational moments, this presentation can be structured to include some of your own local talent.  Our team also offers creative face painting and balloon art to round out the event (free of charge).  The Variety Show can be tailored from 45 to 90 minutes, and could include a mixture of sacred and secular music.