Schedule of Events & Available Dates

For a variety of reasons we no longer post our Calendar online.  If you are interested in booking one of our programs, we encourage you to Contact Us by telephone, or by e-mail.   We would be glad to discuss with you any of the programs we offer and all available dates.   

We can produce many of our dramatic events in only 4-6 weeks from the date a Firm Booking is agreed upon.   Other dramas require much more lead time, depending upon the number of performers needed and the required travel distances.

We would be delighted to describe any program that might interest you, including special features of each program and the theme -- that is, the life-changing message.

Before contacting us, we encourage you to consider...

Available Programs

Seasonal Suggestions

Other Considerations

Sundays:  Most church events are scheduled on Sunday mornings and/or evenings.  We are able to double-book many of our programs on the same Sunday, if the venues are within a 30-minute driving range of one another.

Fridays and Saturdays:  More and more we are seeking to book Friday and Saturday evenings, as well as Satturday and Sunday afternoon matinees.  These are excellent opportunities for community-wide, inter-church events.

Weekdays:  We are also available for mid-week presentations, like dinner/dessert theaters and special outreach events, Monday through Thursday .

Encore!  Encore!

Often when we perform on a Sunday morning, we are invited to leave everything set up (stage setting, lights and audio) for an afternoon Matinee and/or and evening Encore, resulting in several benefits to the local church.

  1. An opportunity for those who miss Sunday morning to catch the drama in the evening.
  2. An opportunity to serve other local churches -- to host an inter-church event..
  3. Thus we are able to touch many more lives as Co-Laborers in Christ.