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July 23, 2014

ANNOUNCING OUR NEW WEBSITE:   Our Directors are developing a new personal, creative arts website known as Sneaker Waves Studios.  Whoa!  Please be assured, we will continue to be known as www.DramaticDifference.org, and to serve the Lord full-time, producing life-changing biblical stage plays, just as we have for the past 22 years.

Text Box: Think Wacky…Sneaker Wave Studios  (SWS) is still "Under Construction."   The Music and Video Departments were put together in haste, to test links and features for future development.  When you visit SWS think "wacky" for now, and look forward to some wonderful new additions coming in the near future.

The Art Department is Beth's project and features a variety of Blogs which are touching lives around the world [See Countries]. Her audience is growing daily.  The 469,894 page-views posted at the end of May has increased so fast, it is hard to keep our new webpage up-to-date with current numbers.

As you know, a recent airline crash claimed the lives of 298 people – 193 from the Netherlands.  Beth's Blogs have given her opportunity to minister by e-mail to souls around the world, through prayer and offering biblical comfort.   

That being said, we invite you to visit www.SneakerWaveStudios.com.  We hope you find many occasions to laugh.  Oh, and be sure to check out Why "Sneaker Wave" Studios?   We look forward to the day when the acronym SWS becomes as familiar to our friends as DDM has been for many years – almost a logo.

Where do we go from here?  In May, the Lord provided DDM an upgrade for our video studio.  Sony Vegas 13 Pro is one of the top video editing programs available for PCs – considered an industry-standard.  In the weeks ahead, Alan is going to study a tutorial that will equip him to film, edit and produce programs in DVD and online formats.  He will start with several short features and expand to include some videos with biblical insights, movie-style trailers of some new dramas and some heart-warming featurettes. 

Eventually we hope to produce He Makes Me Laugh, Beyond the Passion, So, You're Paul and some of our other dramas in DVD format.  As these are produced, they will be made available through Sneaker Wave Studios – another opportunity to touch lives around the world.

Please pray for the success of this new venture and for the ongoing success of our drama ministry to churches.  

If you would like to receive online newsletters from DDM and SWS we encourage you to check your spam/junk mail filters and verify that the following e-mail senders are on your Allowed list:


Thank you, dear friends, for your interest, love and prayers.  A special thank you to those of you whose special gifts  made it possible for us to serve Joint Base Lewis-McCord.  There is much more good news.  We have to save some for later!  Coming soon:  Great News – Part 3.

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With so many new things happening, we have a wonderful future ahead of us.  But we certainly need your prayers.  Here is the "short list."  Please pray …

  1. For clarity and focus, pursuing these wonderful new ventures.
  2. For success as Alan seeks to learn videography skills.
  3. For Alan as he recruits, auditions and trains new performers for So, You're Paul.
  4. For Beth as she touches lives around the world through her Blogs.
  5. For opportunities to serve, as we contact 600 pastors–now that our e-mail service is working.
  6. For God’s will as we seek bookings for the upcoming late Summer and Fall seasons.
  7. For success as we research securing licensed rights to synchronize music with DVDs.
  8. That God will provide much-needed funds so we can pursue all these new ventures without limitation..

Please pray that nothing will hinder us from fulfilling all the ministries God has called us to do.  We know, as you continue to pray for these needs, we will have many additional reasons to rejoice together.

Yours in his grace,

Alan and Beth

PS:  DDM is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.  All donations are tax-deductible.  [3 ways to Donate

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