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And Here's Why

JBLM was one of the biggest projects we have taken on in the history of Dramatic Difference Ministries.  We faced many significant challenges in the 10 weeks leading up to the performances at Post Chapel and Four Chaplains Memorial Chapel, May 9 and 10, 2014.   But we would certainly do it again!  Thank you to all who prayed for this venture.

Hard Work:  Alan put in long hours in the office (whole days, and late into the night), phone and by e-mail negotiating with chaplains, while learning the intricacies of military protocol.  In later weeks he put in even more hours recruiting, training and scheduling cast and crew for the two performances.

Long Hours and Many Miles:  We made four round trips to the Tacoma, Washington area, involving three and four day weekends, in preparation for bringing So, You're Paul to Joint Base Lewis-McCord, and a fifth round trip for the performances.  (Average around trip equals 450 miles.)

  • April 21-22:  Initial planning session with our main contact.
  • March 1-3:  Recruiting actors at Main Post Chapel.
  • March 28-30:  Recruiting actors at Four Chaplains Memorial Chapel.
  • May 1-4:  Rehearsing cast and crew for both performances.
  • May 8-9: Set up and perform at MPC, then strike the set and load the trailer.
  • May 10-11:  Set up and perform at FCMC, strike the set and return home.

Economically:  We served JBLM at a financial loss.  It cost us more than $1,300 travel and lodging expenses.  Praise the Lord for the special donations we received which made this venture possible. 

Physically:  Alan's knee injury, resulting in a compound meniscus tear (both lateral and medial), made it difficult for him to help with packing in and setting up.  His surgery was scheduled for the week following our trip to JBLM.  Thankfully we had a wonderful crew of eight military personnel and some of their family members to help us.

Would we do it again?  WITHOUT HESITATION!

Several friends have asked, "Would you do it again?"  Our answer is, "In a heartbeat!," and here's why.  The impact of So, You're Paul literally changed lives – many lives!

  • We had the privilege of serving men and women who have returned home from some of the most dangerous parts of the world – some suffering from PTSD.  We would do it all over just for them!
  • We also served others soon to be deployed to regions around the globe, who were encouraged to trust the Lord and find His joy and peace just like Paul did in his two-year imprisonment.
  • We had the joy of encouraging the families of these fine men and women.  One chaplain expressed delight that, after our Friday evening performance, his children and their friends talked the rest of the evening with excitement about the drama.
  • One of the strong indicators of God's blessing was registered in the number of attendees who asked questions like, "When are you coming back to do this same play?  This is something everyone on the base should see."  

We trust you can see why we would do it again!


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