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Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM)

Bringing So, You're Paul  to Joint Base Lewis-McChord will be one of the most exciting, productive ministries in DDM’S 22-year history. To date we have performed So, You're Paul six times for small audiences around the Salem area.  Whenever we have performed this heartwarming drama we have been approached by veterans and retired military men from WWII, Japan, Vietnam and other battlefields.  Every one of them have indicated they wished they could have seen this drama before being deployed overseas.

Other Reactions to So, You're PaulAt a coffee fellowship after one performance in Salem, three veterans sat with Alan, each of them expressing their sentiments about this drama.  One gentleman said, "I was deployed from McChord Air Force Base and my family remained behind on the base.  I wish they could have seen this play while I was overseas."  Another chimed in, "And the need at JBLM is greater now than ever."  When I mentioned Main Post Chapel at another venue, a man named David told a remarkable story which illustrates the potential for serving a Chapel on any military base.  I asked him to send the story to me in an e-mail and for permission to publish it in our newsletter.  Please see the attachment Testimony from Japan.

We will perform So, You're Paul at the Main Post Chapel on Friday evening, May 9, and at the Four Chaplains Memorial Chapel on Saturday evening May 10.  When we announced this booking in our last issue of Dramatic News!, several intriguing questions came back to us by e-mail and phone calls. 

What is JBLM?  On 1 February 2010 the US Army’s Fort Lewis and McCord Air Force Base, both located 9 miles southwest of Tacoma, WA., were merged under one general.  JBLM is described by some as the second largest military complex in the continental United States. 

That's a Really Big Number!   There are between 75,000 and 85,000 personnel, including their families, on the base.  It is described as a "small city."  Promotion of So, You're Paul will be extensive.  We have no idea what the response will be. Please pray with us the Lord to bring in those whose hearts are open and ready to hear the message.

What is Four Chaplains Memorial Chapel?  The Four Chaplains, also referred to as the "Immortal Chaplains," or the "Dorchester Chaplains," were four United States Army chaplains in WWII who gave their lives to save civilian and military personnel as the troop ship USATâ Dorchester sank on February 3, 1943. They helped soldiers board lifeboats and gave up their own life jackets when the supply ran out.   The chaplains joined arms, said prayers, and sang hymns as they went down with the ship. 
What a Privilege!  Please consider the commitment made by all those in uniform who serve our country and the cause of freedom at home and around the world, including the sacrifices made by their families.  You will understand why Beth and I consider it a huge privilege to serve these fine men and women with a message of hope and peace.  As many of you know, Beth's father, Bud Gibson, was a World War II hero.  He spent nine months as a POW in WWII Nazi Germany.  Shortly before Bud went home to be with the Lord in November 2012, he received most of his medals from his years of service.  Two weeks ago Beth displayed Bud' s metals and other memorabilia at both chapels at JBLM.  It was her way of expressing our love and respect for those who serve our country. 

Casting Calls:  Thank you so much for all your prayers.  We have spent two long weekends at JBLM recruiting, interviewing and signing up men and women to play characters on stage with us.  This presented a huge challenge!  We are thankful to report that we have nearly a full cast committed to perform with us.  Since the debut of So, You're Paul we have added three new scenes requiring an additional three Roman soldiers, a lady to play Phoebe, and a man to play Aquila.  Please pray that training and rehearsals will go smoothly and that all of our actors will be ready by May 9 and 10.

AN URGENT NEED FOR PRAYER:  We are facing one of the most critical needs in the history of DDM.  With the addition of three new scenes and six new characters we need to add three wireless microphones to our audio system

"Louder! We can't hear you!":  That is something a producer never wants to hear said during a performance.  Both chapels at JBLM are so large and deep our additional actors and our message will not be heard.  We need to order and purchase this equipment immediately, in order to allow 7-10 days for shipping and to configure the frequencies in time for rehearsals.  Each wireless system retails between $750 and $850.  We have found a supplier who will sell us three units for only $600 each.  But we must raise $1,800 in less than a week.  Please pray God will provide these funds and that nothing will stand in the way of our completing our mission. 
Oh, and by the way, the addition of three new microphones will be well used for many years to come in Oregon, Washington, California and beyond.  So, You're Paul is in much demand. If God has touched your heart with this need, please contact us as soon as possible!

It is difficult to make such an appeal.  We are not asking for ourselves, or our personal needs. Our passion is to share the hope we have in Christ with service men and women – many who face deployment in the near future to some of the most dangerous parts of the world.  We long to encourage our men and women in uniform, and their families, with an excellent performance which will change lives.

Again, please pray for the total success of this exciting venture.  Thank you for your love, your interest and your prayers.  We have had so many reasons to rejoice in the Lord together with you, our prayer partners.    We are confident there is more good news to come.

The Adventure Continues…