The Graveyard Scene
Act One Film Shoot

We are planning to film Act One, the graveyard scene, to be shown at live performances in wide-screen video format, followed by Acts Two and Three live on stage.

REASON:  The parts of Crissy and Joy are so full and intense, it requires hours of rehearsal before actors are ready for the stage.  Though our number of qualified performers is growing, it is difficult to book Beyond the Passion, one of our most popular dramas, until we know the needed performers are available.

As an alternative to putting live performers on stage for Act One, we are planning to capture the entire scene on film.  This will make for an unusual theatrical event -- a wide-screen film version of Act One, followed by a live performance of the catacomb scene in Act Two and the Old Roman Soldiers home in Act Three. 

  • We can book Beyond the Passion with confidence, even on short notice, knowing that we have Act One available in film version, if actors are not readily available.
  • We will continue to use live actors, when available.
  • We can take Beyond the Passion on tour to multiple states, without having to recruit performers for extended road trips.  Taking two additional performers with us on long trips increases the complexity of extended road trips, particularly as it pertains to meals and lodging.

Anyone interested in auditioning for the roles, or volunteering for the film shoot are welcome to Contact Us.