DDM Is Looking to Recruit...
Actors, Dancers, Roadies, Videographers and
Stage Crew

VTeam Defined:  "V" stands for "Volunteer,"   We are currently developing a database of talented Actors, Singers, Roadies, Videographers, and Booking Agents who are interested in joining our VTeam.  We need to identify gifted individuals who are ...

  • Committed to the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Passionate about using their talents to honor Him
  • Available to serve with us in local church productions. 

If you are interested in joining our VTeam, please review the following:




After review, if you understand and agree with this information and wish to sign up for our VTeam, please complete and submit by email the following application form:


We are looking for men, women, and teens for various acting roles.  We offer wonderful opportunities for seasoned talent to polish and use their craft in live dramas, film, variety shows and special events.  In addition, we offer valuable opportunities for students to participate in professional theater events and to develop their own talents.