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__  A personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

__  A desire to honor Him and to make Him known to others.

__  Commitment to your home church and submission to godly leadership.

__  A love for drama and a passion to use your gifts to help spread the gospel.

__  Determination to follow through on commitments.

__  A willingness to memorize lines and work hard at rehearsals.

__  Ability to follow instructions from the Director.

__  Demonstrated talents and God-given gifts associated with theater arts.

__  The humility and grace to accept suggestions with a positive response.

__  Willing to accept and abide by the conditions of the Script Use Agreement.

__  The firm conviction that, Lord willing, the show must go on! 

Let it be understood by all...
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CASTING CALLS and AUDITIONS:  You will be notified of any open auditions in your area and you will be contacted by email, or phone when you might be needed for a theatrical event.  You may be called upon for a main character, a supporting role, or to serve as an understudy [See "Understudy" below].

You Can Say "No":  Those who join our VTeam are not obligated to say "yes" to any casting call, audition, or performance opportunity.

If You Say "Yes":  Once you do say "yes," you agree to make every effort to fulfill on your commitment.  You will not allow anything except a genuine emergency to prevent you from your performance.  Lord willing, THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

Before You Say "Yes" you will consider any commitments you have already made to your home church, and you will discuss with church leaders any arrangements needed so you do not leave a "hole" as a result of your absence.  This represents one of our Core Values. 

Email Address:   As much as possible, our notifications of auditions and performance opportunities will be made by email.   When decisions need to be made in a timely manner, you will be notified by phone.   In either case, your timely response will be greatly appreciated.

Finances:  On occasion, for extended ministry trips spanning days and/or weeks on the road, it may be necessary to ask volunteers to help with some of their own expenses -- meals and lodging.  Often, when youth and adults go on a mission venture to Mexico, or some region of the US, they will do missionary-style "deputation," raising some of their own support from family, friends and their home church.  Donations to such ventures are tax deductible.

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YOU:  It is our desire that your participation with us in drama ministry will be a blessing to you

  • That you will grow in your walk with the Lord.
  • That you will enjoy using your God-given gifts to honor the Lord and bless others.
  • That you will be challenged to learn new things and hone your talents.
  • That your life will be enriched by the "adventure" we share together.

The Local Church:  We are committed to local churches where ever we travel in ministry.  This is why we encourage all of our VTeamers to put their "home church" first when it comes to giving, attendance and service.

We honor the Lord when we respect godly leaders.  Talk to your pastor about your involvement with DDM's VTeam.   We have discovered in more than 20 years of on-the-road ministry that most pastors and church leaders recognize the value of church members participating in Christ-honoring ministry, even when it takes them away from their home church for a week, or two. 

  • People are blessed on the mission field and in other churches.
  • Church members get blessed as they serve the Lord with their gifts.
  • DDM provides opportunities for passionate dramatists to use their talents, often beyond what their local church can offer.
  • The church is blessed when VTeamers return with inspiring reports from "the mission field."

Christian Character:  One of our Core Values which must be included is our commitment to biblical qualifications for all those involved in Christian ministry, in the public eye and behind the scenes.  Yes, the Bible requires very high qualifications for elders, pastors, deacons and deaconesses. 

But we understand those same character values are really expected of all those involved in church ministry.  Church leaders are simply to be examples of what should be true of every one who names the name of Christ.  So, whether an actor is called upon to play Jesus, or a cranky household servant, a testimony of sound biblical, moral and ethical character is vital. 

Is any man worthy to play the part of Jesus?  We are all called upon to be "imitators of Christ."  The term 'imitator" comes from the Greek word mimatos, from which we get our English word "mimic."  Here we have one of the words for "actor" -- a mimic -- one who so acts out the traits of a given character, the audience recognizes immediately who it is being portrayed. 

What we look for in any man who plays the part of Jesus in Beyond the Passion is a man who desires to honor Christ in every aspect of his life.  He is not perfect, but an excellent mimic of Christ.  But then, we expect that of Cranky Molly.

Theatrical Core Value:  LORD WILLING, THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

It is with great joy and happy anticipation that we look toward the day we will be blessed to serve the Lord together. Paul the Apostle has given me one of my favorite expressions: “We are co-laborers in Christ.” That is one of the sweetest relationships on earth. 

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"Understudy" Defined     -- From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

-- In theater, an understudy is a performer who learns the lines and blocking/choreography of a regular actor or actress in a play. Should the regular actor or actress be unable to appear on stage because of illness or emergencies, the understudy takes over the part. Usually, when the understudy takes over, the theater manager will make the announcement prior to the start of the performance.