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Recently, DDM received the donation of a professionally crafted costume for our Delilah character, in The Price of a Haircut.  Our good friends, Phil and Nancy Bogle, working with Cheryl's of Nehelam, devoted more than a year handcrafting this marvelous costume.

For many years Phil has been a consultant to DDM regarding many aspects of theater, biblical history, customs and costumes.  You can read his commentary below.  Click Here.

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Phil's Commentary

The inspiration for the Delilah costume was the suspected political wealth of this woman.  In the Bible, we are given a small, but essential image of a woman in control of great power. It is no surprise that, according to tradition, Delilah was an historic figure with ties to many worlds of wealth, wisdom and showmanship.  

To indicate signs of wealth for the time, we chose the classic color, purple, a dye originated from the Far Eastern realms. Fabric was a sign of wealth in itself.  Delilah's attire would have reflected the various hues of fabrics and decorated bits of yardage which came to her across miles of desert terrain and were decorated by skilled craftsmen with curious fibers and precious stones, truly a currency of the time.
Costumes of this caliber are not formed lightly, nor hastily pieced together. One full year with at least one muslin fitting, and interim tunic and skirt fittings, plus several conversations on design, and fabric, jewels and gem suggestions. Started in April of 2011, this custom costume for Dramatic Difference Ministries was just completed April of 2012 and ready for debut.

This was a love offering to the work of God, offered to Dramatic Difference Ministries, from Cheryl’s of Nehalem.  The truth is, it took a lot of time, talent and costly materials to fabricate such a marvelous costume.  For the professional film and stage industries, a costume of this caliber would be very expensive.  "Price aside, it is our prayer that this costume will further enhance scriptural understanding and assist the actors with visual representations which speak to the heart and soul of those viewing The Price of a Hair Cut."

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