Creative Arts Ministry and Biblical Exposition

Based on Eccl. 12

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STYLE:  A Sermon / Drama Hybrid

THEME:  Creative drama ministry can be entertaining and delightful, while maintaining accuracy and integrity in biblical exposition. 

BIBLICAL MESSAGE:  An exposition of Ecclesiastes 12:9-14.

  • Presents a convincing biblical case for Theater Arts in Christian Ministry.
  • Offers a powerful affirmation of the pulpit ministry of local church pastors.
  • Inspires local talent with a vision for creative arts in church ministry.
  • Encourages attendees to commit to personal Bible study.
  • Helps those who are wavering in their faith to renew their conviction that the Bible truly is the living Word of God

DRAMATIC CONCLUSION:  Two possibilities...

  • The Finale from The Price of a Haircut: Samson brings the house down - literally.
  • New Comedy Sketch:  Eureka!  Eureka!


The Bible Message itself if filled with humor, colorful illustrations and memorable cartoons by Beth. 

Bible Study Notes, opportunities for local talent to perform, bright humor and a dramatic finale...

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