On New Year’s Day, 2012, our church family was blessed to have Alan and Beth Niquette present their new sermon/drama hybrid, Simeon Says!  The term “hybrid” seems the best way to describe this powerful means of communication! 

By interspersing preaching with acting, Alan and Beth take you “into” the Bible on both a mental and emotional level.  The result is a deeper understanding of the text – and, therefore, a more personal application of its truth! 

Our church family thoroughly enjoyed Simeon Says!  Alan and Beth have presented several dramas for us in the past, and all have been excellent.  But the sermon/drama combination of Simeon Says makes it one of their best presentations ever!  Alan’s heart for the Lord and His Word shines through – right alongside his heart for people and their need for Christ!

I greatly appreciate Alan and Beth, and I highly recommend their ministry!  I know your church family will be blessed by any of their dramas, “hybrids,” or any other aspect of “Dramatic Difference Ministries”!

In Christ,
Pastor Dwight Bales
Bethel Baptist Church, Aumsville, Oregon