Program  Descriptions

This Program Page lists titles under three different styles of ministry:

Feature Dramas

Sermon-Drama Hybrids

Creative Biblical Exposition

Stage plays in full-theater style, running about 60-75 minutes.

For General Features of All Drama Productions

So, You' re Paul    NEW!  A Feature Drama with Director's Commentary
The captive with a captive audience
THEM:  Finding peace, hope and joy in a desperate situation.::

He Makes Me Laugh
•Abraham and Sarah.
THEME: God is totally worthy of our total trust!

•Zacharias and Elizabeth
THEME: Preparing to meet the Lord!

Beyond the Passion aka Legacy of a Faithful Father aka Midnight in a Graveyard
•A shocking confession and a surprising response!
THEME: The hope of eternal life.

King of Glory aka A Shepherd's Christmas
•The life of Christ as seen through the eyes of an old shepherd.
THEME:  The Good Shepherd offers eternal life to anyone who believes in Him.

A Life-Changing "Package"
It's About You and Your Church

When I Am Free
A Mystery in a Prison Cell

Bible Messages supported by dramatic vignettes, 35-45 minutes in length,
designed to fit within Sunday pulpit teaching time.

Simeon Says
The man who held the baby Jesus
THEME:  Living in the hope of Christ's return

The Price of a Haircut
Samson:  The Man and His Mission
THEME: Moral purity is key to experiencing God's personal presence.

I Saw The Lord  
   •  How could any person make such a claim!?
   •  And encouraging message from the man who said, "Woe is me!"
   •  How a vision of God's glory changed a profets life.

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Bible Teaching with a creative flair, designed for Sunday Morning Worship
Bible Messages in a pulpit-preaching style, supported by a variety of creative
techniques, including dramatic sketches, original cartoons, and music.

In Their Sight  aka  The With/In Formula
   •  Presents the biblical basis for drama ministry
   •  Encourages vision for getting involved in local church ministry.
   •  A biblical message, supported by a variety of "dramatic stylings"
   •  Inspires vision for personal involvement in community outreach and evangelism.

A Passion for Truth     You can listen online
   •  DDM Vision Statement:   A biblical case for creative arts ministry
   •  A Powerful endorsement of Expository Bible Teaching

Common Verses with Uncommon Meaning    Details
   •  Familiar verses that will surprise you
   •  Humorous, Practical and Entertaining

Caught by Surprise
   •  This Biblical Message May Catch You By Surprise.
   •  Understanding the Prayer of Jesus, “Let this cup pass from Me.”
   •  Discover just how much He Loves You!
   •  An excellent set up for The Lords Table

Bless The Lord
A Worship Theme including a three-song mini-concert by Beth

Knowing God
   •  Featuring the vignette 'Little Daisy'

Dealing With Discouragement
   •  Featuring Original Cartoons by Beth

FEAR: Its Cause and Its Cure
   •  A humorous look at the things folks fear.

I Love You And I Like You
   •  Affection as an expression of Christian love. Featuring Cranky Molly.

In The Fullness Of Time
   •  Featuring Original Cartoons by Beth

The Seven C's Of Romance

The Great Interrupter

Word Gets Around

Conferences and Seminars

Changing Lives through Drama

Facing The Future

How to Find Meaning in a Meaningless Job

A Matter of Conscience

Dealing with Discouragement

Conferences for Women

Fragrance of the Rose

Journey to Joy

A Woman of Mystique