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DIRECTOR'S NOTE:  Trailers (previews) are for the purpose of catching attention and attracting audiences.  That is why these trailers tend to focus more on humor and colorful images than serious content.  Each of our stage plays are filled with biblical content and life-changing principles which may not seem apparent in these video trailers.

Beyond The Passion
Midnight in a Graveyard
(Halloween Season)
Legacy of a Faithful Father
(Father's Day)

Me Makes Me Laugh
Movie-Style Trailer

He Makes Me Laugh
With Director's Commentary


King Of Glory  aka  A Shepherd's Christmas

Kumi Ori  by Barry and Batya Segal, from their album Sh'ma Yisrael
A Marvelous collection of Jewish Praise music that will enrich your heart.
Copyright 1994, Greetings from Jerusalem, L td.
Album available at:

Remnant of Israel Music

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